Frequently Asked Questions

Who Sponsors the Jacobson Survey?
The Jacobson Survey is an independent, third-party survey. Jacobson’s research is funded by report purchases of nearly all major steel mill producers.

Who Participates in the Jacobson Survey?
The Jacobson Survey covers all major steel customers in the United States and Canada.

How do Survey Participants Respond?
The Jacobson Survey may be completed online at Respondents may also request a phone survey. To schedule a phone survey, please email Jacobson & Associates at

What Steel Industry Segments does the Jacobson Survey Cover?
Jacobson & Associates covers Beams, Bar/Structurals, Carbon Sheet, Plate, SBQ Bar, Tube, Rod, Cold Finished Bar, Rebar, and Stainless Sheet.

What Customer Markets does the Jacobson Survey Cover?
Markets covered include Service Center, Construction, Automotive, Machinery, Processor, Converter, and Containers.

What Attributes does Jacobson Measure?
Product Quality, Price Competitiveness, On-Time Delivery, E-Commerce, Outside Sales Representation, Inside Sales Support, Total Customer Service, and Overall Satisfaction.

How is Satisfaction Defined?
The Jacobson Survey measures satisfaction from the customer’s perspective. Each individual customer defines satisfaction for themselves. Specific customer comments are encouraged to more fully inform suppliers on their strengths and weaknesses.

What is the Jacobson Survey background and coverage?
The Jacobson Survey was begun in 1994 and is based on a panel of 2,000 steel customers. Jacobson & Associates receives over 10,000 customer evaluations of mill performance each year.

Why Should I Respond to the Jacobson Survey?
Customers benefit by helping to improve steel mill performance. Jacobson makes a charitable donation for each survey you complete.